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If you don't want to be restricted to pockets when arranging your photos but still like the idea of the flexibility of a binder system, then you need freesize refills. These are a range of refills, either insert card, punched card, peel and place(magnetic) or peel and stick (self-adhesive) refills, onion skin refills which are punched card with a translucent sheet to separate your photos from the page above or zipper wallets to hold items until you have a chance to arrange them properly. Remember - with the Arrowfile system (unlike other albums) you can store any size inkjet print and update your albums as often as you like. Many Arrowfile refill pages are manufactured from top quality polypropylene which is a chemically inert acid free material, guaranteeing archival protection (please note self-adhesive refills are generally PVC and not suitable for archival storage).

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