Archival Storage Solutions

Latest Size Guides

Find the right sized product for your items, either Pockets, Coins or Boxes. Click on the appropriate images below to open each Guide Table. Once you have found the appropriate product code, just click on the link to take you straight to it.

  • Pocket Refill Sleeves Size Guide

    If you need help deciding which pocket refill you need, use this guide to help you. Click on Image to view.

    • Down the left-hand side are all the pocket sizes in mm and print sizes in inches (the longest side is always first, whether it is oriented landscape or portrait). Please measure your item and then scroll down to the longest measurement; use the shorter side to identify the nearest pocket size to your item.
    • Once you have the pocket size scroll to the right to find all the refills where this pocket size occurs. Click on each product code to see details of compatible binders.
    • Please note the Column headings show the type of Refills such as Standard, Compact, Portfolio, Kanzelei, Individual pockets, Suspension etc with their corresponding prefixes.
  • Archival Storage Boxes Size Guide

    If you have an item which is best stored in a box use this guide to find the best archival solution. Click on Image to view.

    • You may find it easiest to choose the box by looking at the Column Headings first. This will show which document types will fit each size box i.e. A4, Foolscap, Certificate, Photo sizes, Suspension Files etc.
    • Or if you prefer scroll down the left-hand side column which has all the box dimensions in mm. The longest side is always shown first whether it is width, height or depth.
    • Then either scroll down if you’re using the Document Types columns or scroll right if you’re using the Box Dimensions to find all the products which correspond.
  • Coin Size Guide

    There are many storage solutions for coins, if you need to find all the possible solutions for your size coin use this guide. Click on Image to view.

    • Using the diameter of your coin in mm, which is shown down the left-hand side, you can scroll across to the right to find all the products which fit that size coin.
    • The types of storage are arranged in columns of type such as capsules, trays, drawers, coin holders, Numis refills, Optima refills, cases, wallets etc.
    • Please note that if you decide to store your coins in Quadrum capsules or Self-adhesive coin holders they are 50x50mm, and so you can scroll down to the 50mm row to see all the storage solutions for these capsules and holders. For Slab capsules you need to scroll down to 86x64mm, and Quadrum XL capsules are 67.3x67.3mm.

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