Display and Organise your Photos

Fast-Track to protect and organise your Photographs

Use archival Non-PVC Refills that have pockets in them. Arrowfile refills are made of acid-free materials and are free from chemicals and softeners. Our original refills are made from archival polypropylene an inert, photo-safe substance, and we also now have a range of polyester refills which are recommended by conservators everywhere. These refills come in many different pocket sizes to accommodate almost all sizes and go into 4 ring Binder Albums that you can easily update.

One of the easiest ways to organise your original family photographs is to group them by size, however with Arrowfile refills you can mix and match refills which hold different sizes to organise your photos in any way you want.

For instance you may want to organise them by date. Use the same type of archival Non-PVC Refills but categorise using archival Index pages. So, in one category you can have one page holding 6x4 and another page holding 8x10. If you have any Slides or negs, use Non PVC Archival Neg/Slide Refills. To avoid any further damage to the images because of humidity and light place the Arrowfile Album into Arrowfile Slip-Cases. Most photographs that you get today are either 3½ x 5" or 4x6" or 4.5x6" (new Digital Size) – Arrowfile not only offers all these sizes but also provides the continuity of a neat, matching yet expandable system.

Use Arrowfile’s Indexing system, including caption inserts, where you can record the event, people and places photographed. Do this for future generations, so they won’t have the same problems you are encountering.