How You Can Protect and Organise Your CDs

Why and How to Organise and Protect your CDs/DVDs Using the Arrowfile CD System

  1. Arrowfile CD-Organisers consist of a Non-PVC CD Refill Pages Binder Album that allow you to insert or remove and reorganise your collection with ease, helping you to be flexible as your collection grows. The matching style advantage becomes more apparent when you add several volumes.
  2. We recommend all CD Refill pages should be made from polypropylene, a chemically inert material that is environmentally friendly. PVC can react chemically with the Lacquer coating on the CD allowing atmosphere to penetrate to cause unwanted CD Rot. (All Arrowfile CD refill pages are made from polypropylene not PVC).
  3. Classify your CDs into suitable categories i.e. “MUSIC”, GAMES, MOVIES, BACK-UPS, etc… (Arrowfile accessories include pre-printed and blank Spine-Labels).
  4. Compartmentalise your taste in Music by type e.g. Classical, Rock, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pop, etc (Arrowfile accessories include pre-printed Music and Composer Spine-Labels).
  5. Separate the CDs from the CD Cover and slip the CD into the Pocket Sleeve using only the thumb and Index finger. Slip the CD Cover on the opposite page into the pocket matching the CDs position.
  6. Use page numbers and Index Sheet to reference your CD collection for easy access.
  7. You may if you like further categorise by using Page Index Tabs.
  8. Each Arrowfile CD Album can hold 20 refill pages with 160CDs or 80 and 80 CD Covers.
  9. Use Arrowfile Slip-Cases to give your collection added stability and protection against dirt and dust.
  10. Store in a dry cool place.